How online video helped one brand re-establish trust with its customers

How online video helped one brand re-establish trust with its customers

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But YouTube is different. We worked closely with Google and our ad agency, BBDO Worldwide, to develop a strategy for digital video that really communicates our core story effectively. YouTube’s ABCD creative guidelines are a great start. But effective creative comes together through testing and learning what works for your business and customers. We looked at user retention curves in YouTube analytics and found ways to keep the viewer’s attention. For example, we discovered we have only a couple of seconds to grab our audience’s attention and get our brand identity across. And we can’t save the CTA until the very end in case viewers drop off — we need to leave nuggets throughout the video for viewers to go deeper and act on the CTA.

We also learned that it’s not just how you tell the story. It’s also getting the right story in front of the right audience. Customers needed to know we had their back, so they continue banking with us. Prospects needed to know why they should come on board.

Video has an irresistible nature that grabs people emotionally. More so than any other format, it helped us to hit all the right notes — the strength of our heritage, commitment to customers, and spirit of innovation — with great results.

With digital video and YouTube, you can make a phenomenal difference

While it’s tough to get an apples-to-apples read of performance and brand metrics, we started to see phenomenal results early on.

Of the 27 brand metrics we wanted to improve, we saw enhancements across 19. Most notably, with our Google TrueView campaigns, we saw significant lifts in online awareness (+10.4%), emotional connection (+10%), brand consideration (+8.3%), and favorability (+8.7%).

YouTube enables us to test, learn, and deliver those nuanced and authentic messages that helped to improve brand perception. It allowed us flexibility, speed of execution, and the ability to reach specific audiences that traditional TV couldn’t. In fact, our “Re-Established” campaign on YouTube became the creative test bed for video more broadly. Since then, we have worked with our media agencies and Google to test and optimize results, then roll out learnings across many different campaigns and channels, such as social media.

The last few years have been a humbling and rewarding experience for us. We turned to video as way of connecting with customers in a time of crisis, and ended up learning a lot that can make our content and video more effective. As our trust and brand recovery efforts continue, we’re extending those lessons into our current, “This is Wells Fargo” campaign. Inspired by the spark between people and technology, the campaign emphasizes an elevated customer experience that is personal, easy, and helpful. A perfect fit for the demonstrative and storytelling power of video.