3 questions to ask yourself when considering a marketing partner

3 questions to ask yourself when considering a marketing partner

October 4, 2019 Off By esential1@

The best insights shift our perspective and give us clues about how we can take action. We need to evolve with our customers today and in the future — how they think about travel, interact with brands, and what they expect of brands across channels. For example, we learned that when people in the U.S. begin their accommodations research with search, their journeys are simplified with 31% fewer touchpoints.1 That tells us that seeding our brand with new and potential customers in digital early on can have a big impact on consideration. This helps inform our audience search strategy.

Such unique insights about the customer journey help inform my conversations with internal stakeholders about the importance of marketing — and how, when, and where to invest our marketing dollars.

Are they challenging us in new ways?

Having partners who challenge us to expand our thinking with new opportunities is also important. Can we go “wide” with a partner by mapping new opportunities and identifying new global teams to partner with? At the same time, the best partners I’ve worked with understand that our budget is not unlimited, and we rely on them to help us be bold, but resourceful.

Most brands, including our own, started their online marketing initiatives with search. Search continues to be a high-performing channel for us, but the team at Google challenged us to look beyond search and other traditional channels we’ve relied on. We’ve worked closely with the team to innovate and diversify our initiatives to keep pace with consumer behavior. Focusing on online video as a channel to complement our traditional TV campaigns has allowed us to take a data-driven approach to insights, create relevancy with specific audiences, and experiment with our brand messaging.

With this in mind, we’ve become early movers in video for our high-priority summer campaigns. Our recent partnership with FameBit by YouTube gave us a chance to enhance our own successful influencer program by leveraging a new creator community already ingrained in the YouTube platform.

The engagement metrics for this campaign surpassed expectations by achieving 2.2M views and 13.6M minutes spent with our videos — the equivalent of 25 years of watch time. We also saw searches for our brand across Google search and YouTube search increase by 6X after the campaign ran.