How to create an effective video ad for every stage of the customer journey

How to create an effective video ad for every stage of the customer journey

September 25, 2019 Off By esential1@

Our findings revealed several insights about what works, which we organized into simple guidelines: Attract, Brand, Connect, and Direct. These ABCDs of effective YouTube creative are not intended as a one-size-fits-all model, but they are a helpful starting point for anyone looking to create or adapt an ad for YouTube. They may even be useful beyond online video. Research shows them to be effective for TV as well.1

Once we had the foundations of what works well on YouTube, we went one step further, and sought to establish how certain creative elements correlated to different metrics across the marketing funnel.2 For example, if a video very prominently featured a brand logo, what, if any, effect did that have on a metric like consideration?

Here are some patterns we saw in the data, along with recommendations for using specific creative elements to optimize video ads based on marketing goals. As you read these findings, bear in mind that the best way to understand how to create an effective video ad is to experiment for yourself.

Creative elements that positively influence metrics across the entire funnel

Our analysis showed that there are many creative factors that positively influence upper, middle, and lower funnel brand metrics. Consider these tactics, which will help set any campaign up for success, regardless of its particular objectives.