Google adds new movie structured data

Google adds new movie structured data

September 5, 2019 Off By esential1@

Google now officially has new developer documentation for structured data around movie markup. The new documentation is available here and it shows you how to markup your movie lists with structured data so users can explore movies through Google Search.

The announcement. Google announced this on Twitter:

Supported item properties. This new documentation outlines that title of the movie, director of the movie, and an image of the movie are the item properties supported in this markup. Image and name are required, whereas aggregateRating, dateCreated, director and review are recommended but not required. Here are more details:

New movie results. Google this morning announced a new movie search results interface on mobile. This structured data announcement seems related to this new interface launch, but Lizzi Harvey from Google, who wrote the documentation, said it is unrelated.

Why we care. If your web site has details about movies, you may want to consider adding this markup to your movie listings. You should review this documentation and add the relevant markup. In addition, you can review the documentation at for additional features that Google currently does not support but may support in the future.

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