3 unexpected ways shoppers turn to video in the store aisle

3 unexpected ways shoppers turn to video in the store aisle

August 30, 2019 Off By esential1@

Video is a virtual shopping list

One surprising use case we saw again and again was that some people are foregoing handwritten or even digital shopping lists for video. “I’m not a list guy. I’ll have it in my brain. I’ll rewatch the video in the plumbing or electrical aisle to make sure I’ve got everything I need,” one person we interviewed explained.

They’re standing in the aisles of hardware stores, craft stores, and supermarkets and rewatching the videos that inspired them to be there in the first place. Videos like this tres leches cake tutorial from Binging with Babish, and these school-inspired DIY ideas can remind people what they came to the store to buy. “If I go to a store and forget what I need, I pull up the video to see the ingredients. I pull to the side, watch the video, and get what I need,” said one person we spoke to.

Sometimes it’s even about trying to remember a specific creator tip. “I’ll look back at a video to remind myself which product a vlogger spoke about. I need to find the exact moment they said, ‘This is my recommendation,’” one person told us.

Video gives people confidence

When people need more knowledge on a product or if they aren’t sure where to find something, they’ll reference content like this Lowe’s video on picking paint colors. “Every time I’m at an art supplies store, I rewatch videos to look at different kinds of paints. I show employees the YouTube videos and say, ‘This is what I’m looking for.’ I’ll ask if they carry it,” someone we spoke to said.

We also saw that being able to reference a creator’s experience or even get a quick tutorial, such as on how to talk to a mechanic, gives people confidence and helps demystify complex products or topics. “YouTube has taught me that I’m capable of doing what I didn’t know I could do,” said one person we spoke with. “I know a little bit more about what the mechanic knows, for example, and it makes me feel more comfortable.”