20190718 SEL Brief

20190718 SEL Brief

July 18, 2019 Off By esential1@

“Pay attention to what YouTube videos and targeting types are driving the highest numbers of view through, click through and earned likes and page visits,” encourages Joe Martinez of Clix Marketing during SMX Advanced. 

Michelle Morgan of Clix continues with a recap of his session. “These earned actions mean that after someone interacts with your video ad, they can like other videos, watch other videos, share other videos, add your videos to a playlist or subscribe to your channel. All these additional actions are always free, and you can create audiences in Google Ads Audience Manager to use as next-step remarketing campaigns to lead users to eventual conversions.”

“Advertisers should also create audiences from their video ads and add them to all of the search campaigns as observation audiences. We can then see a portion of the impact our TrueView for Shopping campaigns have had on search. People may not be ready to buy products from your YouTube campaigns immediately. But if the ads are engaging and targeting the right audience, we can get some information on if any of the users came back to search for your products on Google.com after seeing your video ads.”

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