How to create a product story that unfolds over time — and drives results

How to create a product story that unfolds over time — and drives results

January 24, 2019 Off By esential1@

You wouldn’t expect someone to hire you before you told them about yourself and why you’d be right for the job. The same principle applies when marketing a new product. If you skip straight to your call to action without taking the time to build awareness or educate potential customers, you’re unlikely to succeed.

That’s why, until recently, Adidas had always used a “phased block planning” approach to product launches — one campaign split into multiple, time-separated phases, all targeted at the same audience. The phases typically focused on awareness, education, and driving action.

But as Joshua Reidy, Adidas’ global media manager, points out, there were two problems with this strategy. “We could never be sure the same people were seeing our ads across all phases of our campaign, or how many times they saw a particular creative. So we had no good way of knowing whether our story was unfolding in the way we envisioned. And because each phase had to run separately, the campaigns ended up being several weeks long.”

In need of a better way to launch its Nemeziz soccer shoe in the summer of 2017, the Adidas marketing team turned to YouTube’s video ad sequencing tool to move its target audience along a planned sequence of ads in a shorter amount of time — just a few days, for some people.