The key to assisting your customers is a smarter approach to analytics

The key to assisting your customers is a smarter approach to analytics

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Bayer started by connecting its content management and analytics systems, and assembling a marketing insights platform that could ingest and analyze a wide variety of customer behaviors with a single customer ID. Then Bayer created a digital measurement center of excellence to guide the transformation, bringing together team members with skills in marketing, data, and technology. As a result, Bayer has reduced wasteful spending by 30% while improving customer engagement by more than 50%.6

Sprint’s experiments looked at the impact of paid search on in-store traffic. The question: Could those digital investments be driving retail traffic and sales, as well as online conversions? Over eight weeks, Sprint increased paid search spending and got its answer: Digital sales grew by 20% and in-store sales rose by 32%.7

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Lean on technology

Another thing companies like Sprint and Bayer do is make smarter use of technological advances like machine learning.

Built-in intelligence and machine learning can bring nuggets of insight to the surface more quickly, so your team can spend more time taking action. Marketers can use machine learning to inform creative messaging and serve different ads to different audiences. And using an integrated platform helps bring teams together too. It provides access to insights that serve as a bridge to teams around the office and around the globe.

Ultimately, leading marketers know they have to understand the customer in the moment and focus on relevance and assistance. To do that — and to get the most out of all the data available to them today — the marketers who want to see the most growth will up their analytics game.