Deliver more relevant experiences with Optimize and AdWords

Deliver more relevant experiences with Optimize and AdWords

June 4, 2018 Off By esential1@

Driving your own results

Today, we’re announcing three new updates to make it easier for all marketers to realize the benefits that Spotify saw from easily testing and creating more relevant landing pages:

Connect Optimize with the new Ads experience

You can connect Optimize to Adwords in just a few steps. Follow these instructions to get started. Not using the new Ads experience yet? Make the switch to gain access to more actionable insights and faster access to new features.

Link multiple Ads accounts at once

For advertisers that have many Ads accounts under a manager account, individually linking each of those sub-accounts to Optimize can be time consuming. Now, you can link your manager account directly to Optimize. This will pull in all your Ads accounts at once, allowing you to immediately connect data from separate campaigns, ad groups, and more. To get started, switch to the new Ads experience, and then you’ll see an option to link your manager account in your Linked accounts, learn more.

Gain more flexibility with your keywords

You can now run a single experiment for multiple keywords, even if they’re across different campaigns and ad groups. For example, test the same landing page for users that search for “chocolate chip cookies” in your “desserts” ad group and for users that search for “iced coffee” in your “beverages” ad group. With the Optimize and Ads integration, driving results through A/B testing is fast and simple. Sign-up for an Optimize account at no charge and get started today.

Happy Optimizing!